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Content Leads the Business.
The ways of communication have diversified as media and technologies have advanced. The importance of content strategy in all areas of business including industrial, private, and non-profit organizations is greater than ever. Acquiring supportive loyal audience by effectively communicating content that carries the essence of the business and forming a brand loyal community through continuous communication is the key.

In , we will cover four themes with business marketing experts as well as experts from other sectors to share ‘Content Marketing’ strategies applicable to the new business environment.

Under the main topic, ‘Content Marketing, the Game Changer of Business’, renowned experts in the industry will come together and see what is going on in the content business and seek the chance to cooperate and grow in the future together around the following four themes of the forum: 1. Technology and Content Marketing, 2. Content Strategy, 3. Loyal Audience, and 4. Going Global. 


Technology & Content Marketing
The influence of original content will only become greater as technology evolves over time. Through accumulated knowledge and data on content marketing, we will look into the changes in business caused by content marketing and confirm the vision of content marketing business in Asia.
Content Strategy
How can a brand develop originality and differentiate its content? Communicating original content is a problem that every brand must solve. Let’s find some clue to this by listening to what some companies have to say about it. From the strategy of a company that has built a strong relationship with its audience through different characters and from brands that built their own spaces and platforms on and offline, you can receive insights into how you can communicate your original contents.
Loyal Audience
In the content business environment from now on, winning audience comes takes priority over creating customers. Media companies and brands at the front line of customer communication that understand their audiences and speak their audience’s language will talk about their loyal audience building strategy.
Going Global
Going global is no longer a simple search for a company’s direction. It has become a vital expansion model for companies that wish to take their business to the next level. Content marketing makes this global expansion a lot easier. CEOs and other representatives of the companies that created a new profit model by localizing content or targeting a specific audience in the global market will talk about their strategies.


06.27 / 1PM - 5PM / SPECIAL DAY 

Content Marketing Master Class

Content Marketing Master Class led by Robert Rose, Chief Strategist of the leading global content marketing education organization, CMI.
Robert Rose
Chief Strategist, CMI
06.28 / 9AM - 5PM / DAY 1

The Game-Changing Content Marketing Strategy

Technology & Content Marketing

The changes in marketing brought by technological evolution – Why are we focusing on content marketing today?
Jaeboong Choi
Professor, Sungkyunkwan University
Sungchoon Lee
Director, KT Economic Management Research Institute
Robert Rose
Chief Strategist, CMI
Jaesung Jung
Professor, KAIST
Youngshin Jo
Doctor, SK Research Institute for SUPEX Management

Content Strategy

How to create and connect the core elements – DNA, story, and communication roadmap – of content strategy.
Jinsae Oh
Director, CJ E&M
Yoonah Choi
Director, Nexon Computer Museum
Sungjo Park
CEO, Glance TV
Changsin Park
COO, CarrieSoft
Sungwoo Choi
Founder, Artspace Boan 1942

Special Global Session

Story, content, platform, and communication are already the core factors in the global business scene.
Shen Chen
CEO, Panda iMedia
06.29 / 9AM - 5PM / DAY 2

How to Expand Business Through Hands-On Content Marketing

Content Strategy

How to create and connect the core elements – DNA, story, and communication roadmap – of content strategy.
Robert Rose
Chief Strategist, CMI
Kisup Lee
Founder, ThanksBooks
Bongjin Kim
CEO, Woowa Bros. (BaeMin)

Loyal Audience

How to build a loyal audience – the basis of your revenue model – in connection with the brand.
James Chambers
Bureau Chief, Monocle
Kyungmin Jeon
Deputy Director, JoongAng Ilbo
Hyejoon Kim
CEO, Kimhyejoon Company
Wonjae Lee
Professor, Sangmyung University
Daeseok Ha
Reporter, SBS Subusu News

Going Global

In the global market where boundless communications are possible, can content marketing business be the growth engine of the future?
Ilho Kim
CEO, Ocon (Pororo)
Jihwan Sung
CEO, 72 Seconds TV
Sunghee Lim
Doctor, iRiver (Prev. SM Mobile Communications)
Sangmin Sim
Professor, Sungshin Women's University


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How are June 28th and 29th different?
The topic of the CM Asia Forum will be divided into sub-themes. Different sub-themes will be covered on Day 1 and Day 2, so we advise you to take the opportunity to attend the forum on both days. For those who are looking to participate for just one day, note that on 6/28 we will focus on media, technology, and strategy of content marketing, and on 6/29 will look closely into content integration strategy, creative content, building loyal brand community, and communication.
Is parking space available?
For those who attend the forum before 1p.m. We will provide you with parking vouchers that cover the cost of parking for up to 4 hours. The parking fees for parking hours longer than that will be charged to you. Traffic congestion is expected, so we recommend using public transportation.
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CM Asia Forum is organized by CMI (Content Marketing Institute) and Stone Brand Communications and sponsored by Seoul Metropolitan Government.

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